Saturday, May 8, 2010

Victory: Utah ousts pro-bankster Senator Bennett!

A huge victory for freedom-loving Americans in all States played out today in Utah. After 18 years in office, and seeking a fourth term despite having initially promised to run only twice, Republican pro-TARP Senator Bob Bennett has been ousted from the race today at the GOP's nominating convention. The influence of the Tea Party movement was evident at the convention--which included chants of "TARP! TARP! TARP!" upon sight of Mr Bennett.

Senator Bennett limped away from today's convention having placed third in delegate votes as the GOP searched for the 2010 Republican senatorial candidate, well behind candidates Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater. Neither Lee nor Bridgewater have held political offices previously. But, apparently more important to the GOP delegates in Utah was the fact that neither of them voted for TARP, either!

Bennett's defeat is huge: Bennett is the first incumbent to face the consequences of his voting record, and hopefully he won't be the last. Others have retired in the face of defeat, and so this active elimination of a pro-TARP senator from the 2010 race is a powerful demonstration of the seriousness of the people, especially the Tea Party people at the convention. A significant factor in his fate was his apparent lack of concern for the Constitution, a characteristic which he made manifestly clear with his support for the $700 Billion TARP bankster bailout legislation under Bush, as well as his support for the unconstitutional individual mandate for health insurance under Obama.
Bennett recently stated (emphasis added):

"We all need to remember the constitution provides real, practical solutions. It's not just sound bites, it's not just talking points, it is a document that sets in motion ancient principles, wise principles, inspired principles, that can protect us from an overreaching government."

Apparently, Mr Bennett's bizarre interpretation of the Constitution includes the word "can" instead of "does," as well as includes an idea that underwriting $24.7 Trillion in bailouts and backstops to the banks on the banks of the taxpayers and mandating the purchase of health insurance is not "an overreaching government," as he voted for both. It can perhaps be speculated that Mr Bennett would not know the Constitution if struck over the head with it--but thank goodness the delegates in Utah today did just that!

It seems that Mr Bennett would more likely recognize a balance sheet than the Bill of Rights. has a nice breakdown of Mr Bennett's major contributors. First and second on the list you'll find Citigroup, followed by JPMorgan Chase. Other notables include:

Morgan Stanley,
American Bankers Association,
Fannie Mae,
Bank of America,
Blue Cross/Blue Shield,
Zions Bancorp,
FMR Group (Fidelity Investments),
Goldman Sachs,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, and
Wells Fargo.

You'll even find UBS AG--Union Bank of Switzerland--on Mr Bennett's donor list, including a $28,000 contribution from the Swiss bank's PAC (I will have to assume that this is the American employees' PAC). For the record, USB's headquarters is in Basel, Switzerland.

Additionally, Mr Bennett voted earlier this year to approve the re-appointment of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. The vote scheduled this weekend for the newly-compromised and watered-down Senate verison of Congressman Ron Paul's HR 1207 attempt to audit the Federal Reserve was delayed until Tuesday because of Mr Bennett's trip to Utah. His vote is not yet determined.

More to come?
Today's toss-out in Utah is hopefully just the first of many shake-up's to come. Every single senator and representative who voted for the bankster bailout MUST GO. Every single one.

In case you've forgotten how each member of Congress voted on the October 2008 bankster bailout plan, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, you can refresh your memory through the links below:

House votes.
Senate votes.

Click here to see the list of senators up for re-election this fall (called Class-III senators because their terms expire in 2011). The following are up for re-election and voted for the bailout, and therefore must go (alphabetical by State):

AK: Lisa Murkowski (R)
AR: Blanche Lincoln (D)
AZ: John McCain (R)
CA: Barbara Boxer (D)
CO: Michael Bennet (D)
CT: Chris Dodd (D) -- NOT RUNNING
GA: Johnny Isakson (R)
HI: Dan Inouye (D)
IA: Chuck Grassley (R)
IN: Evan Bayh (D) -- NOT RUNNING
MD: Barbara Mikulski (D)
MO: Kit Bond (R) -- NOT RUNNING
NC: Richard Burr (R)
NH: Judd Gregg (R) -- NOT RUNNING
NV: Harry Reid (D)
NY: Chuck Schumer (D)
OH: George Voinovich (R) -- NOT RUNNING
OK: Tom Coburn (R)
PA: Alren Specter (D)
SD: John Thune (R)
UT: Robert Bennett (R) --NOT RUNNING
VT: Patrick Leahy (D)
WA: Patty Murray (D)

Looking at this list, its more clear than ever that they are, as Rollye James has famously articulated, the "Demopublicans and Republocrats." To them, we say, "Out with the lot, and in with the Constitution!"

Good job, Utah!

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