Friday, November 19, 2010

New candidate for Understatement of the Year: "National and global interests are trumping local concerns."

I don't have much commentary on this video, other than to say that it is all too common and ever-increasing.  If you think you're having a bad day, put yourself in the shoes of these people:

"Andes villagers resist China's claim on $50 Billion mine"

But then, of course, you might actually be one of Peruvians in the film (as unlikely as it is), or, I mean, pero, por supuesto, es posible que usted puede ser una de las personas pobres en este vídeo, y si ese es el caso, por favor, mira este vídeo, y sentirse mejor de tu condición:

Corrupt Zambian socialist government enables corrupt Chinese "state-capitalistic" socialist investors

So, in other words, corrupt anti-human rights, socialist, state-run mines are being replaced by foreign corrupt anti-human rights, socialist state-run mines.  Wow, that's progress: the people have been elevated from "disposable" to "replaceable."  

Fifty-pence a day to get blown up.  

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  1. Funny we in the socialist USA have to look at communist China for Capitalism and the good people of Peru for a respect of rights.

    It's my hope the people of Peru hold out until they get a better life for themselves and their families and Chinalco gets very rich out of the deal.

    Keri, I think Fifty-pence a day sounds like a small wage, But if a person agrees to work for a small wage they are working. Yes? If the USA had no minimum wage law, What would be our unemployment rate? Just something to think about.